Reasons For Short-Cycling Of Furnace

Short cycling means when your furnace continues to stop over and over again for short periods to prevent the house from reaching its ideal temperature. Depending on the furnace condition and outside temperatures, this can occur anywhere from 3 to 8 times per hour and leads to a heating cycle of seven to 20 minutes.

Ignoring a short-cycle furnace problem could lead to even more severe problems than lack of heat. It may lead to a fault in components of your furnace, even though it is just as simple as a defective air filter or a defective thermostat. It is recommended that professional assistance such as furnace tune up in Tacoma is provided as soon as possible.

Oversized Furnace

If it’s too big for home, your furnace may short cycle because it heats your house too quickly and then suddenly switches it off. When your house gets cold again, the procedure is repeated. You need furnace repair in Tacoma by professionals to solve this problem.

Blower Motor

For circulating air around your home, the blower motor is essential. If you turn off the blower motor, no air would flow through the heat exchangers, freezing the evaporator coil and shutting down the furnace.

Blocked Air Supply 

If you find the air vent of the furnace obstructed, you might need a furnace tune up in Tacoma. If the heat exchanger does not get enough air, it won’t let enough heat pass through, causing your furnace to short-cycle.

Fire Sensor

A corrosive or unclean flame sensor could lead to frequent shutdowns of your furnace because the flame is not recorded, and the gas valve shuts off repeatedly. You should get furnace services in Tacoma to inspect this before it could cause a major problem.

Defective Thermostat 

A damaged thermostat could cause problems with the furnace as it controls your heating system’s temperature. Several factors could lead to the failure of your thermostat. You may have to replace the cables, the batteries, or the thermostat.

Thermostat Near A Heat Source

When the thermostat is close to any heat source, such as direct sunlight, the temperature is skewed, causing the thermostat to be switched on and off erratically. To repair any outdated wiring, and transfer it to a more appropriate position, you will need to hire a specialist like Furnace Service Tacoma.

Dirty Blower And Filters

If you don’t change your air filters often, they get clogged, dirty, and overheat the heat exchanger. There is a possibility that your furnace is being turned on and off too quickly by a dirty blower wheel. The blade in the blower wheel pushes air and when it is obstructed by dirt, it will not function.

Exhaust Vent

The exhaust vent could make the furnace short-cycle if it is dirty. When dirt, leaves or other material is stuck in the pipe, it blocks it and ends up accumulating hot gases in your furnace and overheating it.

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