How Much Time Does My Central AC Take To Cool My Home?

The first job of your central air conditioner is to cool down your home efficiently and in less time. With the increasing temperatures in Puyallup, an air conditioner with lesser efficiency is a headache. If you better feel that your air conditioner is not working efficiently and needs some servicing, you should call for air conditioner service in Puyallup to avoid future problems. 

Factors affecting the time

Many factors affect the time taken by your air conditioner to cool down your homes, like: 

  • The size of the place
  • Outside temperature
  • Insulation in your home
  • The size of your system
  • The power of your system
  • The age of your system

On average, we say that a properly working air conditioner can cool down a house of four bedrooms by 10 degrees in three hours. But your central system should cool down your home to the set temperature within a few hours.

If your central air conditioner does not cool down your home even after continuously working for hours, there may be some hidden problem with it. Here are some points you can try to increase its efficiency:


Dirty filters hinder the performance of the air conditioner. Clean or replace them as per the need of the system.

Air ducts

Leakages in air ducts cause the cool air to seep in the walls instead of flowing in the rooms. 

Refrigerant levels

Low refrigerant levels do not remove the heat from the indoor air efficiently.

Size of the air conditioner

Buying the wrong size of air conditioner for your home will affect its performance. Therefore, you must purchase an air conditioner according to the size of your home.

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