Why Does My AC Unit Need a New Air Filter?

Air filters capture large particles, dust, and debris before entering your air conditioner. The fundamental function of an air filter is to safeguard your HVAC system. This is the reason why your furnace needs a separate air filter. Air filters are not used everywhere, but you might need to replace them where the need arises.

Clean Air Filters Help AC Units in Drawing Air Properly.

After a proper air conditioning installation in Federal Way, the air conditioner sucks air from your home into the system to cool it. The air is filtered before passing through the cold indoor evaporator coil. This cools the air and recirculates through ductwork throughout the home.

The debris in the air will enter the air conditioning system if the air filter is too unclean, broken, or if it’s not present in the system. This can result in significant damage, and the air conditioner will break down in most situations.

The Energy Efficiency of An AC is Reduced Due to Dirty Air Filters.

Your air conditioner will have to work harder to cool the house as dirt and particles accumulate. As openings grow clogged, it becomes more difficult to pull in air. As a result, the air conditioner has to work more to maintain comfortable temperatures, which might raise your energy cost. The air conditioner starts running for a longer time and uses more electricity.

The Air Conditioner’s Lifespan Will be Decreased.

A well-maintained air conditioner may last up to 15 to 20 years, but if the filter isn’t replaced regularly, that time might be cut short. The parts inside the system have to work harder, and the system suffers from wear and tear. The equipment may function normally for a while, but the main components will burn out after some time and need unplanned repairs or replacement.

Leaving a Dirty Air Filter Unchanged May Lead to Serious Issues.

If you forget to change or install an air filter, your air conditioner will break down. The cause for this is a lack of airflow to the coils. The air travels over the interior evaporator coils when there is enough airflow, and the cool energy is taken from the coil and transferred into the home through the ductwork.

Energy will not be extracted when the filter is too dirty for air to get through and the coils become too cool. Water droplets on the coils freeze into frost, which gets solidified into a block of ice. The device will break down if this happens. The ice will ultimately melt, and there is a significant chance of water damage. The drain pan is not built to hold all that water, and it may start leaking. This frequently occurs due to clogged air filters, and because of this, the air conditioner suddenly stops functioning. AC repair in Federal Way can resolve this problem.

Air filters are easily available in the market and are affordable and simple to install. Our trained experts can install them for you if you have a hard time doing it yourself. Contact Rainier Heating and Cooling for high-quality air conditioner repair in Puyallup and surrounding areas.

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