Steps Involved In Air Conditioning Service And Repair

ACs is a crucial part of our homes. Just like any other machine, they need regular servicing and repairing. Without proper servicing, your AC may lose its cooling efficiency. This problem can further increase to a total breakdown of the system. You should contact an experienced company for the air conditioner service in Puyallup.

Scheduled servicing of the AC ensures that it is in its best possible condition and maintains its life expectancy. ACs with lesser to no maintenance tends to break down before their expected age. So, you can have timely check-ups for your system. Otherwise, you may have to contact a company for air conditioner replacement in Puyallup.

Steps of AC Service An Repair

As the owner, you should know the steps involved in the servicing of your AC. It will help you keep check of what the technician is doing. Here are the steps involved in the proper servicing and repairing of your system – 


The technician will clean the system and remove dirt, dust, and debris to check any water leakages in the tubes or pipes.

Fin and Air Filters

Fin and air filters collect the dirt and dust from the indoor air to keep it clean. With time, they get dirty and hinder the performance of the system. The technician will clean them and remove any dust or mold.

Coolant Level

The technician will increase the coolant level as it directly affects the cooling efficiency of the system.

Evaporator And Condenser Coil

While cleaning, your technician will also clean the evaporator and condenser coil along with other components.

After the cleaning, the technician will check all the parts for any faults or damages. Servicing ACs is a costly process, but you can book your appointment with Rainier at reasonable rates. Look for AC installation in Tacoma or contact us at (253)-363-6912 or email us at

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