How Often Should My Furnace Be Replaced?

As the winter season sets in, the furnace becomes one of the most vital systems in every household. It helps in keeping the house warm and cozy and also helps in battling the winter chill.

However, the furnace is bound to reach its maximum working capacity and may cause severe furnace emergencies. Therefore it is essential to understand when to replace a furnace to maintain safety and efficiency.

How To Know That Your Furnace Needs Replacing?

Our technicians of furnace repair in Tacoma have listed down some tell-a-tale signs to understand that the furnace needs replacing; they are:


Any furnace which has been working for more than ten years usually faces problems. However, if the furnace is properly maintained, the working capacity can increase up to 15 years.

Usually, the integrity of the system decreases as the furnace begins to age. If the furnace has been working for more than 15 years, then it’s time for you to replace your system.

High Energy Bills

As the furnace loses its efficiency and fails to distribute the heat evenly through the house, one can observe the spike in the energy bills. This can act as your cue for replacing your furnace.

Technicians at furnace tune-up in Tacoma suggest, at this stage, one can even reconsider their heating methods with other options like radiant heating or zone controlling systems.

Frequent Temperature Fluctuations

Another common indication to look out for to know when a furnace needs a replacement is the frequent temperature fluctuations observed throughout the house. Sudden changes in the temperature are a clear indication that the furnace is losing its efficiency and therefore failing to heat the house effectively.

Producing Different Noises During Operations

During an operation of a furnace, different sounds are said to indicate the inefficiency of the working furnace.

Sounds like popping are caused due to temperature fluctuations inside the furnace
Loose ducts in your furnace can cause rattling noises
The damaged furnace blower motor or belt causes screeching sounds
Sounds like clicking are caused when the ignitor or the flame sensor needs repair
When your furnace faces severe gas emission issues, it causes booming sounds
Upon observing any of the sounds mentioned above, one should immediately consult technicians of residential HVAC in Tacoma to perform a furnace replacement immediately.

Production of Yellow Flames

An efficient furnace produces blue flames when heating the room. However, if the flames turn yellow, it is an indication of replacing your furnace. Yellow flames are a sign of a gas leak. It is caused when a furnace produces carbon monoxide, or an improper combustion process takes place inside the furnace.

Excessive Soot Production

Excess soot or dust production throughout the house indicates that your furnace is producing carbon monoxide and requires an immediate replacement. Soot is accompanied by dry air and potentially damages wooden furniture. The soot is generally found near the grill or furnace register.

Now, there you go. Hopefully, the article was able to shed some light on when a furnace needs a replacement.

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