How to Improve AC Efficiency to Prevent Future Repair Needs?

Your AC sets your home at your preferred temperature, helping you live comfortably, regardless of the weather outside throughout the year. However, you might have never realized that these units work really hard at times, increasing the chances of small components malfunctioning that can further potentially damage the entire unit. Therefore, it is a good practice to keep your residential HVAC system in Tacoma in an efficient, well-functioning condition to avoid repairs in the future.

5 Ways You Can Improve AC Efficiency to Avoid Repairs

Keep the Outdoor Unit and Its Surrounding Area Clean & Clear

Your AC’s condenser unit is usually installed outdoors. Since it remains outside your home, dust and other tiny particles can easily get inside and cause problems that may need repair work. Keeping its installation area clean and free from any kind of debris can help improve its efficiency, helping you avoid the repair in the future. You may also contact a reliable company offering services like AC installation in Tacoma and get support.

Avoid Setting the Temperature Lower than Required

You might enjoy sitting, relaxing, or sleeping at your room temperature of 65 to 70° F. However, you would still feel comfortable at 74 to 76° F while ensuring that your AC doesn’t have to work hard. Doing that will maintain a suitable temperature in your home and encourage sustainable functionality of your AC, leading to higher efficiency.

Clean Your AC Vents Once a Month

It is good to clean your AC vents from time to time to ensure a smooth flow of air coming into your home. Also, remove all the items that may be blocking the vents, for instance, light furniture. Blocked and/or dirty vents can make your AC work too hard, affecting the unit and causing damage that requires repair work.

Clean or Change the Filer

The filter in your AC protects the blower fan and the entire unit from dust and debris. It can get congested within a couple of months. Replace your filter every two to three months or clean in case of a permanent filter for a smooth flow of air. Dirty filters can put a load on your AC, making it work harder than usual, increasing the chances of malfunctioning that is fixed by repair only.

Get Your AC Serviced Always on Time

AC maintenance is critical in keeping your unit efficient, in good condition, and away from damages that will need repairs. However, delayed AC service can also increase the possibility of internal damage. Hiring a professional HVAC maintenance service provider would be your best decision for preventing future repairs. At Rainier Heating & Cooling, we promise to provide high-quality HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance services. If you’re in Puyallup, check out our heating and air conditioning reviews and reach out to us for any HVAC-related needs; we will be glad to serve you. Call us today at (253) 600-2758.

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