Different Types of Noises Your AC Makes & Their Solutions

You like to have your air conditioner functioning at its best to enjoy being in a comfortable and relaxed environment at home or office. However, as it starts making weird noises, you lose the calm, quiet, and relaxed feeling, leading to inconvenience. While it is normal if you hear a low humming sound, as soon as it or any other type of sound becomes louder, it is time to take action. In this blog post, we will discuss why your AC makes noises and ways to fix them.

Different Types of AC Noises and Ways to Fix Them


If your AC is making a humming sound that is way louder than usual, it is time to look at the problem more seriously. It occurs when the contactor relay switch inside the unit is defective or broken. The switch turns the outdoor condenser unit on as the thermostat sends a signal. If you leave this issue unresolved, you would not be able to use the AC. Before this minor problem turns into a bigger one, consult a professional technician for AC repairs in Auburn as soon as possible.


You might have heard rattling noise coming from your air conditioner and some of the most common reasons for this are loose sticks or debris in your outdoor condenser unit. Disassembling the unit and replacing these items can help fix the problem. However, if that sound is made due to a damaged electrical part instead, you’ll want to fix it immediately to save the compressor from damage.


There can be multiple reasons your AC makes the screeching noise, from the faulty fan motor to the broken compressor motor (in the condenser system). You may also hear this noise if the bearings in the motor are damaged or the fan belt is impaired. In case you hear these noises too often and too loud, shut down your air conditioner and seek help from an AC expert. When such issues are not fixed for long, it may lead to other problems, forcing you to get an air conditioner replacement in Puyallup.


A clicking noise indicates that your thermostat is malfunctioning. There can be several reasons why it happens. Clicking sounds in ACs are normal when you turn on or off your unit. However, continuous and loud clicking noise (especially when it is on for some time) is unusual. Thermostat repair or replacement can not be done on your own and that is why you should consult a reliable AC professional on an urgent basis.


The buzzing sound coming out of your AC may indicate that your outdoor condenser unit is not functioning properly, having its fan blades loose or unbalanced. Some other reasons for this issue are faulty fan motor, loose components, and dirty condenser coils. The worst problem that causes this kind of sound is leaking refrigerant. Never ignore such sounds and contact a high-rated AC repair service provider to get them fixed.


Excessive moisture content in the air conditioner is one of the biggest causes behind your AC making a bubbling noise. It occurs when there’s a hole or a crack in its drainage pipe or the pipe is completely blocked. In order to fix this problem, you would need professional tools and equipment along with technical skills. Unless you are an air conditioner expert, avoid DIY approaches and call an AC professional for the repair.


Hissing noises are one of the most common problems AC or HVAC users face. It actually happens when there’s a problem with the ductwork, especially when it leaks. The other couple of reasons can be an incompatible air filter or a faulty expansion valve in your air conditioning unit. If you are experiencing this, it is time to call a professional for an AC inspection.


A banging noise coming from your AC is most commonly caused by compressor problems. As your AC gets older, it is normal for some small components and parts to get affected over a period of time. If the parts detach and hit the compressor’s walls (frame), they make a banging sound. As you would not be able to disassemble the compressor unit, it is recommended to get it fixed by a trusted HVAC contractor in Bonney Lake at the earliest time possible.

AC Making Weird Noises? We Can Help!

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