Why Does My AC Makes A Loud Noise When Starting?

If your air conditioner makes clunking, screeching, or clicking noises when turned on, this is most likely an indication of damage within the HVAC system. It is better to look for Puyallup heating and air conditioning reviews and contact an HVAC specialist accordingly.

Keep in mind that if your unit produces noises during the entire duration of running, it might be a sign of another problem. Here are a few sounds that indicate a repair upon initially starting your unit.

Loud AC Noises and What They Mean

It’s important to quickly recognize the particular sound your A/C is making so you can react to issues swiftly and increase the lifespan of your AC unit.

1. Clanging and Banging Sounds

Loud pounding from your unit each time you start might be a sign of junk within the unit. If it isn’t debris, then it’s most likely a loose fan that is knocking against the HVAC cage. If you detect this sound from your unit, cut it off immediately.

Cause: Debris in the unit

Fix: Remove the blockage or tighten the fan back in place.

2. Screeching Sound

If your device produces a screeching noise, like metal grinding against metal, it might be an indication that your fan motor bearings have failed. This isn’t a critically urgent condition, but try to keep your AC unit off until you can get an HVAC professional into your house.

The cause: The fan motor bearings have been irreversibly damaged.

Fix: Replacement of the fan motor.

3. Clicking Sound

Electrical issues are at play if your unit produces clicking sounds when you attempt to start the device, but it never turns it on. You mustn’t try to repair this problem on your own.

Cause: Electrical issues – The thermostat, compressor, or capacitor might be faulty in this situation.

Fix: Call your HVAC specialist. Don’t attempt to DIY an electrical problem remedy.

Common Fixes for Loud A/C Units

> Clean and Straighten Coil Fins

Maintaining the coil fins on your unit might help improve efficiency. Consider straightening coil fins with a fin comb by using a vacuum with a brush extension to pick up any residual dirt.

> Tighten Loose Screws

Vibration while running might cause screws within your device to loosen. This might create rattling during operation, but it can also eventually lead to pieces breaking free within the device. Have all loose screws tightened during routine maintenance calls or while attempting to fix the noise issue?

> Remove Debris Caught in Blades

Opening the A/C cabinet, find the fan to look for any debris. Remove any debris you find around the fan blades to prevent banging and clanging noises emanating from your machine upon startup. This is an easy remedy that should just take a few minutes off of your day.

> Ensure That the Motor is Lubricated

A screeching or grinding sound at the beginning might indicate an unlubricated motor.

For any of the concerns stated above or others, like your air conditioning creating a pulsing noise, it’s preferable to call a professional for air conditioner repair in Puyallup rather than put yourself at risk.

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