Is It OK To Leave The Air Conditioner ON When I’m Out?

Air conditioners are among the most power-hungry appliances in the home, so it’s no wonder that many people turn them off to save energy. However, there is some debate regarding whether or not this is a good idea. Is it best to leave your air conditioner on or off when you leave the house? Here’s what you should do when it comes to the air conditioner maintenance in Puyallup.

Is It Harmful to Continuously Run Your System?

Your air conditioner operates at the same pace regardless of the temperature. It merely runs a little longer to chill out your home.

This means that if you left your air conditioner on all day, it would cycle on and off repeatedly to maintain a cool temperature.

Another issue that individuals are concerned about is the safety of their equipment. Some people believe that forcing your system to run continually throughout the night is harmful. Allowing your air conditioner to run for an extended time is said to wear out the system and lead it to fail sooner. 

It is technically correct, but only if your air conditioning is on nonstop. Running your air conditioner for a couple of hours in the evening to cool down your home will not put enough demand on your system to blow out the compressor.

Reasons Why You Shouldn't Turn Off Your Air Conditioning

So, since it saves money and doesn’t harm your system, why would anyone leave their air conditioner on during the day? The terrible reality is that this AC plan just does not meet the demands and schedules of the majority of people. 

If you have a standard nine-to-five job, turning off your air conditioner means it is not running during the warmest part of the day. In Puyallup, this means you may easily come home to a house that is in the 90s. It could therefore take three to five hours to cool down the house to a comfortable temperature, by which time you’ll be in bed.

Turn On the Air Conditioner Rather Than Turning It Off

How can you save money without making your house unbearably hot? Most homeowners find that cranking up their thermostat rather than turning it off is the best solution. When you depart for work, set your thermostat to a temperature of between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This reduces the amount of time your air conditioner runs, allowing you to save money. It will, however, turn on and off as needed to keep your home from overheating. When you go home, you can rapidly cool it down to your preferred temperature.

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