Different Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

Air conditioners are essential home appliances, especially for people living in high-temperature regions. As you use your AC for long hours, it consumes more power. The good news is that you can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency and manage to reduce your power bills. This article will discuss some of the best ways to do just that.

6 Best Ways to Improve Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

Utilize Your Curtains and Blinds Effectively

One of the easiest ways to increase AC efficiency is to keep your curtains and blinds closed during the day. It helps reduce the functioning load on your AC. However, you might also need natural light during the day. For that, you can open the curtains as much as you need and keep the rest closed. Doing that will help not only improve AC efficiency but also reduce power bills.

Keep Your Doors & Windows Closed

Cool air can quickly escape through open windows and doors, affecting your AC’s efficiency. The more your room leaks conditioned air, the harder your AC will need to work. Therefore, you should first turn off your AC before airing out your room or home. Secondly, if you find any spots through which the cool air can escape your room, fix and seal those spots to obtain higher AC efficiency. For that, you may also need a reliable HVAC contractor in Bonney Lake.

Clean the Ductwork and Fix Leaks

Over time, your duct can collect dust that sticks to its inner walls. By cleaning your ductwork, you can ensure there’s no obstruction in airflow, and your AC doesn’t need to work hard. You may use your vacuum cleaner or similar cleaning device and equipment for this purpose. If you find any leaks in the duct, it is vital to fix them to improve your AC’s efficiency to the best.

Install a Shed for Your Outdoor Unit

Since your outdoor unit, which is your AC’s condenser system, has to deal with the heat coming from the sun, it usually works hard to perform well. If you can install a shed giving it shade to protect it against the sun’s heat, it can help your AC improve its efficiency and cooling performance. Many people prefer to get it installed during their air conditioning installation in Federal Way to save time.

Avoid Using Heat-producing Devices Near Thermostats

If you use an oven, a dryer, or a large lamp near your thermostat, the device will signal your AC to work harder depending on the heat produced. As a result, it may lose its efficiency. Likewise, it may permanently perform low in the long run. Therefore, use your heat-producing devices away from your thermostat.

Hire a Professional AC Maintenance Firm

One of the best ways you can improve your AC’s efficiency is by hiring a professional firm for regular maintenance. Rainier Heating & Cooling is a reliable HVAC service provider that ensures your AC performs at its best, ensuring high efficiency. We cover all aspects of HVAC services. Need air conditioning replacement in Bonney Lake, WA? We can prove to be your best HVAC contractor. Call us to learn more about us. Dial (253) 600-2758┬átoday!

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