7 Tell-Tale Signs It’s Time For an HVAC Replacement

Imagine how inconvenient it would be if your HVAC died in the middle of a hot summer or cold winter day, and you have no other option but to spend the next few days without the HVAC, waiting for a new HVAC installation. As HVAC contractors, we often come across such situations every year. And while we try our best to expedite the HVAC replacement process from our side, the fact remains that HVAC replacement takes time, so it’s quite a bit of an inconvenience for the customers. We, therefore, suggest that even if you ensure regular HVAC maintenance and opt for timely repairs, you must pay attention to the signs of HVAC replacement in Bonney Lake.

If you aren’t aware of what signs you need to watch out for, continue reading this blog post till the end.

Old Age

Most HVAC manufacturers claim that the expected life of their HVAC is around ten years. Even the Department of Energy suggests that one must replace their HVAC every ten years. If your HVAC is around the same age, you must seriously consider HVAC replacement in Federal Way. That’s because the HVAC parts begin to wear out after a certain age, and the performance also starts deteriorating.

Increasing Energy Bills

Are your energy bills soaring through the roof? Well, if your energy bills have gone up during the last few months while there hasn’t been any change in your energy consumption or the energy prices, you must inspect your HVAC. If the issue persists despite an HVAC tune-up, then you must consider replacing your HVAC. The best part about heating replacement in Auburn is that you will make substantial savings on your energy bills.

Frequent Breakdowns

This is one of the most obvious signs of HVAC replacement. If your HVAC is prone to frequent breakdowns, then it makes economic sense to replace your HVAC and save on the frequent repair costs. In fact, furnace maintenance in Tacoma, WA, will not just help you save frequent repair costs, but it will also help you avoid the inconvenience caused due to frequent breakdowns.

$5000 Rule

The HVAC industry follows a thumb rule, known as the $5000 rule when choosing between HVAC repair and replacement. According to this rule, if the HVAC age multiplied by the repair cost exceeds $5,000, you must go for an HVAC contractor in Auburn. If the value comes below $5000, consider getting your HVAC repaired. Use the same rule when confused between HVAC repair and HVAC replacement.

Inadequate Heating and Cooling

Is your existing HVAC struggling to maintain the required temperature? If the answer is yes, and your HVAC’s performance seems to have reduced drastically, or you are facing issues such as uneven heating and cooling in different parts of a room, then call an HVAC technician and inspect your HVAC. Usually, performance issues occur because of a malfunctioning thermostat, worn-out parts, issues related to the duct, or low refrigerant levels. These issues can easily be fixed. But if your HVAC doesn’t have any of these issues, then it’s time for a furnace tune-up in Tacoma.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

HVACs don’t just help maintain the required temperature, but they also play a very important role in ensuring proper ventilation. Lack of proper ventilation or poor indoor air quality can lead to humidity issues, dust and dirt buildup, and various health issues. So, if your HVAC cannot maintain the required indoor air quality levels, despite regular tune-ups, this could be a sign that you must consider replacing your HVAC.

Outdated Technology

One of the most common reasons people replaces their HVACs (even before the end of their existing HVACs’ expected service life) is that their HVACs lack the features available in the latest ones. For instance, these days, HVACs have smart control features that allow users to control their HVAC using their smartphones, tablets, and virtual-voice assistant devices such as Alexa. The best part is that one can control their HVAC wherever. Another important feature of the latest HVACs is their high energy efficiency and low maintenance, which helps users save on running costs.

We understand that deciding between an HVAC repair and replacement is not easy. And so, it’s always advisable to seek expert opinion before replacing your HVAC. If you are stuck in a similar situation or notice any of the above-mentioned signs of HVAC replacement, get in touch with us at Rainier Heating & Cooling. We are one of the most trusted HVAC replacement companies in Bonney Lake, Federal Way, Auburn, and nearby areas. We deal with HVAC issues, such as air conditioning and heating installation, repair, and service. To schedule an appointment, call us at (253) 600-2758 or drop us a line at

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