7 Tips For Summer HVAC Maintenance To Keep You Cool

If you keep your HVAC system well-maintained, you will never have to worry about how harsh summer will be this time around. Along with professional HVAC servicing, if you take care of a few things, your HVAC system will never bring worries to you.

A residential HVAC in Tacoma is easy to maintain because the systems are smaller, easily approachable, and less complex.

7 Residential HVAC Maintenance Tips For Summer

Keep The Air Filter Clean

Air filters can get dirty and clogged within a month or 90 days. If anyone in your house is already struggling with some respiratory condition or allergies, the dirty filter will trigger their health condition.

A dirty air filter also leads to higher energy consumption and more electricity bills. The clogged filter is the prominent reason behind overheating and early AC damage. A dirty air filter is a danger to your finances, health, and AC.

Ensure Outdoor Unit Cleaning

The condenser, blowing fan, etc., are prone to the build-up of debris and airborne pollutants. Birds, rodents, or other small species can enter the outdoor condenser unit and die there.

Remove these species, debris, leaves, and branches from the condenser. Clean it with the water hose. Trim the branches, vines, etc.

Keep The AC Unit Location Clear

The AC unit location should be hurdles-free as it affects the airflow. If there is any obstruction near air vents, it is common to experience low airflow and less efficient cooling.

Fix Wiring Before It Troubles Your AC

Over time the wiring can get broken, loose, or exposed to humidity. The scorching wiring alerts you of the urgent need for an electrician. Keep your wiring fixed and in the best condition to avoid any power supply-related problems.

Ensure Refrigerant Level Is Not Low

The refrigerant level can be low because of leakage or overuse. For the problem of leakage, seal it soon. Get your refrigerant level inspected. If it is low, efficient cooling is impossible. Refill the refrigerant gas before summer approaches.

Check Your AC Thermostat

A thermostat is the root cause of temperature fluctuation. If the temperature is not favorable, your thermostat can be faulty. It needs a quick repair or an upgrade to a better and smart thermostat.

Schedule HVAC Maintenance

HVAC servicing done during spring can save you from the heatwave of Summer. HVAC servicing is better if done twice a year, but even if you service your system once a year, ensure that you get it serviced just before the arrival of Summer.

While getting your AC inspected by the technician, the professional may suggest some AC repairs in Auburn. Do follow this suggestion. A time-sensitive repair will save you time in the long run, especially during the summer.

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