Key Points of a Standard HVAC Maintenance Checklist

If you own an HVAC system, it is important to keep it maintenance in order for it to function properly. As time passes, HVAC systems may get normal wear and tear or any other minor problems. If you are looking for tips on what needs to be done to maintain your HVAC system, here’s an HVAC maintenance checklist to help you.

Crucial Points of a Standard HVAC Maintenance Checklist

Check Your AC Filters

You might have never paid attention to your AC filter, but if you have, you might have never cleaned it. HVAC maintenance usually starts with the filter. However, filters can get dirty over a period of time, making it essential to clean them once a month or change (replaceable filters) every 30 to 60 days. By doing that, you can relieve your AC of the load that is making it work harder.

You might find replacing the filter every month to be costly. It is important to keep the filters clean in order to prevent repair cost.

Remove Drain Pipe Clogs

The condenser’s drain pipe can accumulate dirt, mold, causing it to clog. If it remains clogged for a long period of time, your HVAC will not perform as efficiently as it would normally and may increase the risk of other components’ malfunction.

You may try mixing water with bleach and pouring it into the condenser drain; it will clean most types of buildup, clearing the way for water.

Notice Weird Noises (If Any)

It is normal for a residential HVAC in Tacoma to create a low-volume humming sound because of the components’ functioning. But if there’s a crackling or buzzing sound from your HVAC unit continuously or at short intervals, this can be cause for concern.

Check its fan blades. Are there any signs of wear and tear? Are they damaged? If you find them in a condition that can increase the damage, you should immediately turn them off.

In addition, faulty fans are not the only reason behind noises, there can be leakage too. Regularly check for unusual sounds in your HVAC system and call an expert for inspection if you hear loud noises.

Check the Level of Your HVAC

To keep your HVAC maintained, you should regularly check its level and make sure it is straight. From time to time, give it a look and find if its pads are settled firmly on the ground; or if the unit itself is placed on the ground, it should be leveled straight. Tilted HVAC units are often at a higher risk of malfunction.

Take Care of the Outdoor Unit (Condenser)

Your HVAC’s outdoor unit is usually placed in an open area within your property that might also have grass, dirt, or debris around. Moreover, pollen, leaves, seeds, and a lot more can get inside the outdoor unit. It can be dirtier than you think.

When it comes to the maintenance of the outdoor unit, you can get it cleaned or serviced by professionals. To keep it maintained, clear its installation area. Remove all the debris or anything around it; leave at least two feet of the area clean and clear around the outdoor unit.

Check the Ducts

Dirty or leaking ducts, though these are two different problems, put strain on your HVAC unit to function harder, and it takes more time, consuming more energy in that effort. This usually results in insufficient cooling or heating in your home. If you want to keep your HVAC maintained, checking your ducts (cleaning and sealing if required) should be an essential point in your HVAC maintenance checklist.

Get HVAC Maintenance Service Periodically

HVAC maintenance service is important for your HVAC unit’s smooth and safe functioning. It is also helpful in detecting any minor problems that can turn into bigger ones soon, if not fixed. Hire an experienced HVAC contractor in Auburn, WA, to get HVAC maintenance once a year; however, to make it most effective, get it twice a year – once before winter and once before summer.

Top Benefits of HVAC Maintenance

Prevent Repair Costs

With regular maintenance, you ensure your HVAC system works the best like a well-oiled machine. In addition, AC maintenance experts can look for and resolve minor problems and avoid subsequent bigger damages. By fixing them, they help you prevent the need for urgent and costly repairs.

Increase Its Life Expectancy

Maintenance can help increase your HVAC unit’s lifespan by keeping everything in its best condition. It is possible for an HVAC system to surpass its expected age and function well, but only with planned and timely maintenance.

Breathe in Good-Quality Air

You get clean and safe air in your place if you keep your HVAC maintained and free from dust, dirt, and mold.

Reduce Power Bills

A well-maintained HVAC system can maintain its efficiency and work like a new one for a long time, helping you reduce your power bills compared to a poor-functioning HVAC.

When minor issues remain unresolved for a period of time, they can lead to problems occurring in other components, and you may end up paying for repeated repairs. Therefore, it is always advised to hire a professional and experienced company for your HVAC maintenance in Auburn, WA, like Rainier Heating & Cooling. We have been in the industry for more than 15 years, satisfying customers with our competent HVAC services. Choose us for your HVAC maintenance or repair needs, and learn about our best plans for HVAC maintenance. Speak with one of our HVAC experts today! Dial (253) 600-2758.

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