AC Installation & Replacement in Federal Way and Auburn, WA

Air Conditioning Installation and Replacement in Federal Way, Auburn, WA and the Surrounding Areas

AC installation and AC replacement in Federal Way is not as easy as it sounds. And to make an air conditioner last longer, extra care and regular maintenance are required. But the right team can make this task a cakewalk by performing the necessary steps efficiently for a better result. In case, your AC is not working properly, you should consider a new AC installation in Federal Way.

At Rainier heating, we ensure that you do not need AC replacement in Auburn shortly. Our team is dedicated to serving you with an air conditioning installation Federal Way that prevails as the worthy business experience in your recall.

Interestingly, even though multiple clients may have the same AC model, we understand that their situation may not necessarily be the same. Every client is different. Their expectations from the product may vary. During the inspection visit, our team members review the existing air conditioning system and any problem it might be facing. Then they recommend the appropriate solutions to fix the problem, keeping in mind your budgets, needs and preferences, among other things. If there is a situation of air conditioning replacement in Auburn, then our technicians will take care of it.

Benefits of AC Installation by a Professional

It is a bad idea to try to save money by installing an AC without the expertise of a professional. The high cost of an error of AC installation in Auburn should be plenty to encourage you to use a professional. 

  • An untrained hand can quickly damage an AC’s complicated electronics/wiring, resulting in a costly repair that costs significantly more than the initial installation cost. Cutting an important wire, dismantling the unit, or installing it might have severe and expensive implications.
  • An untrained hand might damage several delicate yet sophisticated mechanisms in ACs during installation. Avoid installing the AC on your own if you avoid paying for such damage. This eliminates any possibility of you having to pay for damages in the event of an accident.
  • Professional services are effective and give you the peace of mind to concentrate on other tasks. Because of the speed and capability these services operate, they are a highly efficient choice worth considering.
  • When installing the air conditioning, you can rely on specialists specializing in AC installation Bonney Lake. Expert advice can also assist users in satisfying the technical requirements of an AC.
  • Licenses are required for technicians for AC installation in Federal Way. A license indicates that the service crew has received the necessary training to deal with problems in your house. 

Who Are We?

Rainier Heating & Cooling is one of the premier heating and cooling contractors offering exceptional AC replacement in Auburn and other related services for more than a decade now. We always understand that when it comes to air conditioning replacement or installation, the needs of every homeowner are diverse. 

It is the reason why we offer tailored solutions to all our customers by adequately understanding all their exact needs and budget specifications. We can further aid you in selecting the best air conditioner device that is highly efficient and well within your specified budget. 

Also, in our 15 years of service in the heating and cooling industry, our sole purpose has been delivering excellent service to the clients to make their life more comfortable. Even during the COVID pandemic, we made sure that our team kept in mind all the policies laid by the CDC so that you get a secure, contactless service. 

Services That We Offer:

  • Reliable AC repair
  • AC service
  • Genuine AC conditioner replacement
  • AC maintenance
  • Proper AC installation

Why Choose Us?

Expert Workforce

Through our fair recruitment process, we look for people who are experts and passionate about their work. Our technicians are amongst the industry’s most competent and dedicated professionals. They convert this dedication into commitment and do their best to satisfy the customers. Our technicians can handle any complex AC repair in Federal Way.

We conduct regular training sessions to multiply their learning interest and to offer the clients an exemplary top-notch service related to the AC installation in Federal Way, WA. Our enterprise knows the worth of their enthusiasm.


Rainier Heating & Cooling is a renowned HVAC contractor in Auburn, WA. Our service record has crossed the benchmark of 15 glorious years, and we have even longer to go. We have learned something from every preceding case in this journey and utilized that know-how in the succeeding cases.

Our formation has strengthened and brought us amongst the renowned service providers in air conditioning replacement in Federal Way and related areas.

Desired Pricing

To become a beneficiary member of our community, you do not need to overburden your pocket. We have kept our HVAC services up to the mark, and prices to the minimum possible extent for your AC installation in Auburn, WA.

24*7 Customer Support

Since your happiness is our target, weeding out your dilemmas is our task. With this principle, we aim to resolve all the doubts of our clients. And you are not bound by any time limits, give us a call as per your suitability, and we will ensure that none of your queries remains unsolved.

After-Sales Service 

We are not done serving you once the payment is made. Instead, we are keen to take this journey for a lifetime. After the work is done, we have some additional assistance and amenities for you.

  • Warranty service
  • Return or replacement
  • Online support
  • DIY assistance
  • Rebate on future offers

At Rainier Heating and Cooling, we promise to serve diverse customers with various needs and provide the optimum quality professional aid at an affordable price. To join our community of satisfied customers, contact us at 253-363-6912 or drop us a mail.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

An inexperienced hand might damage delicate yet intricate ACs during AC installation Auburn WA

Professional services are efficient and provide you with the peace of mind to focus on other things. 

AC installation Auburn WA will take anything from 4-8 hours on average. 

If there is a requirement for duct installation also, the job will take anywhere from 8-14 hours.

When it comes to getting your AC serviced, upgrading to a new system will save you a lot of money on regular maintenance.

An old AC could be costing you hundreds of dollars every year. It will be beneficial to use an efficient updated system.

It is not a good idea to relocate central AC. Flexible lines deliver refrigerants in fragile AC and can be easily destroyed if moved.

The refrigerant chemical must be drained into an authorized container. This container is unlikely to fit on a moving truck due to its high volatility, and transferring it in your vehicle is not suggested.

Moving an AC to a new home may be more expensive than purchasing one.

You should expect to replace your AC in about 10-15 years.

As it ages, its mechanical components may become obsolete or unavailable. You'll have to buy a new unit if a broken part can't be replaced.